2013-05-15 – Fixes / workarounds for problems with recent release.  Go here for details.

2013-05-13 – Update to latest Freetype version 2.4.12.  Bugfixes and enhancements.  Go here for details.  WARNING – This CRASHES when adobe CFF engine is enabled.

2013-01-04 – Update to latest Freetype version 2.4.11.  Go here for details.

2012-06-16 – Small update to fix an issue.  Go here for details.

2012-06-15 – New Infinality Release!   Go here for details.

2012-04-20 – Make the header fixed on the font testing page:

2012-04-03 – New Infinality Release!   Bugfix only release.   Go here for details.

2012-01-01 – Created FontForge theme.  Created packages fontforge-infinality and libXft-infinality.   If you have color fringing issues with applications, you should install libXft-infinality.

2011-12-23 – New Infinality Release!   Go here for details.

2011-12-22 – Nice updates to the font testing page here:

2011-11-25 – Updated zip and freetype-infinality package to fix various reported issues since last release.  Full changelog in zip and on forum.

2011-11-22 – I will be releasing a small update soon to fix the various issues people have been reporting.  See the forum posts for details.

2011-11-20 – Updated zip and freetype-infinality package to modify internal Courier New rules that were causing rendering issues.

2011-11-20 – Updated zip and infinality-settings package to remove Canwell replacements.  These were making Cantarell render as Arial.

2011-11-19 – Updated zip and infinality-settings package due to error with an environment variable.

2011-11-19 – Updated zip file because I failed to include the README in it.

2011-11-19 – New Infinality Freetype patchset released!   Go here for details.

2011-11-19 – Site look and feel update.



This site is a vehicle for me to distribute patches and enhancements I've made for *nix systems.  Of particular note are the Infinality Freetype Patches.   The first goal of these patches is to provide the nicest font rendering of any operating system.   The second goal is to provide customization so that the end user is able to adjust the settings to his or her taste.


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