The purpose of these patches is to freely provide the nicest font rendering of any operating system.   The second goal is to provide customization so that the end user is able to adjust the settings to his or her taste.  Most common operating system font appearances can be emulated with these patches.


Latest Update

2013-05-15 – Fixes / workarounds for problems with recent release. 

2013-05-13 – Update to latest Freetype version 2.4.12.  Bugfixes and enhancements.  WARNING – This CRASHES when adobe CFF engine is enabled.

2013-01-04 – Update to latest Freetype version 2.4.11.

2012-06-16 – Small update to fix an issue people were having with Chrome and the Verdana version from Windows 7 SP1.  Also a minor update to Bitstream Vera Sans.

2012-06-15 – New Infinality Release!   Bugfix & cleanup.  Non-latin glyphs that were suffering from weirdness like Meiryo are fixed, along with ttfautohint fonts, and various others that people were reporting issues with.  Updated for Freetype 2.4.10.

2012-04-03 – New freetype-infinality Release!   Bugfix only release.   See below for details.

2011-12-23 – New Infinality Freetype patchset released!   See below for details.

2011-11-25 – Updated zip and freetype-infinality package to fix various reported issues since last release.  Full changelog in zip and on forum.

2011-11-20 – Updated zip and freetype-infinality package to modify internal Courier New rules that were causing rendering issues.

2011-11-20 – Updated zip and infinality-settings package to remove Canwell replacements.  These were making Cantarell render as Arial.

2011-11-19 – Updated zip and infinality-settings package due to error with an environment variable.

2011-11-19 – Updated zip file because I failed to include the README in it.

2011-11-19 – New Infinality Freetype patchset released!   Go here for details.

2011-11-19 – Site look and feel update.


Patches and Configuration

All patches and configuration files are contained in these files.  Brief installation instructions are included in the README, and specifics on how to do the configuration are included inside each configuration file.   Also, brief distro-agnostic instructions are located here.  These patches and configurations are free software, as in freedom.

WARNING:  To avoid crashes, please use the FREETYPE CFF engine until a solution can be found.


The local.conf has been replaced with fontconfig-infinality, which drops into an existing /etc/fonts/.  This should help distro maintainers greatly.  It is strongly recommended to use these fontconfig settings, as they are tailored to work with the Freetype patches.



Older Releases

See the repository.


Fedora users

There are pre-built packages for Fedora users.  Run these commands instead of installing these files manually.  It is recommended to restart your system after installation.  If you've already run these commands before, then your normal system updates will keep your packages up to date.

sudo rpm -Uvh http://www.infinality.net/fedora/linux/infinality-repo-1.0-1.noarch.rpm sudo yum install freetype-infinality fontconfig-infinality

The package libXft-infinality is not needed anymore due to updates upstream. 


Third Party Packages 

These are not maintained by me, but I'm providing a link for convenience.  Please report any package problems to the package maintainers.



There are git repositories set up for fontconfig-infinality and the font-testing page.  A freetype-infinality git repo may be created in the future.  Use these repositories at your own risk, as they are not guaranteed to be in a release-ready state.





After installation, modify these files to adjust the settings of the patches:

  • /etc/profile.d/infinality-settings.sh
  • /etc/fonts/infinality/infinality.conf

Instructions are contained inside each file.   You can apply changes by closing a program, running the following command in a terminal, and then launching the program from the terminal.  Log out and back in to apply to all programs.

. /etc/profile.d/infinality-settings.sh



Go here for details on the patches.



Arial  –  DejaVu Sans  –  Ubuntu  –  Ubuntu2  –  Myriad Pro  –  Verdana  –  Times New Roman  –  Courier New



You can browse the file repository here.



Go here for help, more detailed information about the patches, and to report problems.