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Latest Release - 2013-05-14

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Latest Release - 2013-05-14

Postby infinality » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:36 pm

Warning: An issue has been found when enabling Adobe CFF rendering that will cause CRASHES. Recommended to use the default Freetype CFF engine until a solution can be found. The fedora packages use the Freetype CFF engine.

Changes for 2013-05-14:

This is a release to update to the latest Freetype 2.4.12, and bugfixes / enhancements.

  • Fix crash issue with certain fonts
  • Use Freetype CFF rendering
  • Fix issue with Courier New rendering
  • Disable trace debug messages
  • (ftsmooth.c) Perform additional checks in conditionals to prevent crashing.
  • (ttsubpix.c) Remove unnecessary rules.
  • (ttinterp.c) Enhance various functions with better default detection.
  • (ttsubpix.c) Fix Load performance.
  • Compatibility with Freetype 2.4.12
  • Merge the subpixel-enable patch into the main patch

http://www.infinality.net/blog/infinali ... e-patches/

Infinality Fontconfig Package:
See changelog here:
https://github.com/Infinality/fontconfi ... /CHANGELOG

- Linux font rendering has gone from the most reviled to the most renowned.
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